How To look younger?

Wrinkles on lips - home remedies

Having wrinkles on lips is a sign of aging and must be avoided if you want to look younger. So we have come up with some home remedies for lip wrinkles. These are easy solutions that you can use to treat lip wrinkles. You will be able to save lots of dollars by using our home remedies.

Off course it is important to consult a dermatologist if the wrinkles are persistence and are not going away with our home remedies. So before moving on towards our home remedies let us first try to understand the reasons why we get lip wrinkles. By doing so we can then move on towards finding solutions to this problem.

Causes of lip wrinkles

Lip wrinkles can be caused by a variety of factors. The number one factor that causes lip wrinkles is natural aging. As we age our body produces lesser amounts of the proteins collagen and elastin. Both these proteins are responsible to prevent formation of wrinkles.

Exposure to the suns UV rays is another reason for formation of wrinkles. The suns UV rays create free radicals which damage both collagen and elastin.

Smoking is another reason for lip wrinkles. While smoking you need to purse your lips which can result in wrinkles on lips. Smoking also can damage your skin.

Dehydration is also an avoidable reason which causes lip wrinkles. Lack of water in the body can make the skin dry and make your wrinkles more visible.

Repeated facial expressions like pursing of lips while smoking or using a straw can also lead to lip wrinkles.

Due to their genes some people are more prone to wrinkles on lips. Also some nutritional deficiencies can cause lip wrinkles. Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can affect the skin’s health and cause wrinkles on the lips.

The last factor that causes wrinkles on the lips is hormonal changes. Like the changes that occur during menopause can lead to formation of lip wrinkles.

Wrinkles on lips home remedies

We have some home remedies for you to get rid wrinkles on lips. Since these are home remedies they will take some time to show their effect.

The first step that you can take is to drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated. This will plump up your skin and diminish the appearance of the wrinkles on your lips.

Since wrinkles on lips are formed due to the suns UV rays it will good to use a lip balm with sunscreen to protect your lips.

You can also exfoliate your lips once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells.

You can use some of the kitchen items to get rid of lip wrinkles. Applying aloe vera to your lips can moisturize your lips and soothe them. Coconut oil is another option that is available in the kitchen. It can protect your lips and protect them from sun damage.

Finally you can use the natural moisturizing ability of honey for your lips.

Quitting smoking if possible will prevent formation of wrinkles on your lips in the first place.

You must know that this remedies will prevent formation of wrinkles on your lips. But they will not remove them effectively. For this you will have to consult a dermatologist to decide the best course of treatment.

This treatments can be quite expensive. Therefore our home remedies must be the first treatment option for you. If they work for you then you don’t need to spend any dollars on expensive treatments.

In conclusion

By using our home remedies you can prevent the formation of wrinkles on your lips. You won’t have to spend dollars for these treatments.

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